Hello, long distance

She’s heard a lot about you
They say you are bad news
You tear people apart
You lack empathy
You make people weak and vulnerable

She’s heard stories about you
That are scarier than horror movies
You don’t care about love
You are selfish and mean
You come with tons of responsibility

Is it all true?
She doesn’t agree
She’s up for a bigger game in life
She’s asking you to challenge her
Will you dare to?

She’s fierce and responsible
There’s nothing you can do
To bring her down
You will burn in your own fire
Don’t you dare!

She’s ready for the rough ride
To her, you are another experience
That she’s collecting
Only to cherish them later
You may be tough on some
To her, you are a bag of surprises

And, in the end
She will be standing there
Laughing at you so be careful
Choose your victims wisely
You don’t want to mess with her
She’s a queen with a fierce heart

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