It’s your Birthday

It’s your birth day

A day to celebrate

To shine brighter than the star

Be bigger than the galaxy

Every day is unique

Both in calendar and day

You are the chosen one

For this day is yours

All eyes are on you

Like on a centre piece

You will be showcased

In a room full of people

Be the light in their darkness

Be the shine in their eyes

For you are the chosen one

You are irreplaceable

You are extraordinary

You are their whole world

Give them the honor

To celebrate your being

On this very day

A day when you were born

Give them the pleasure

Of having your company

Enlighten them with your thoughts

Go all out

Be self expressive

For they have waited long enough

To hear your thoughts

It is your day

Be different, Be unique

Be a part of their world

And make them a part of yours

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