Until yesterday, her life was pretty normal

Today, she is on a journey

A journey from normal to extraordinary

Like, all other journeys

She embraced all uncertainties

To get to the place from where it all starts

The name of the place means

Turning point in something

For her, something means life


The journey began 25 years later

When she realized

Everything had to happen exactly as it did

To get her where she’s going next

She was oblivious to her own command

‘Why are you doing this to me’

And, her whole life somehow

Gave her an opportunity to

Say it again and again

She cried and cried

But, the command remained the same.


Until, she arrived to the place

Where she saw an angel

Angel who she often met in her dreams

Looked and felt just as she had imagined

‘I am here for you’ the angel said

And, she knew her life was about to transform


It was a roller coaster ride.

She knew what she was getting into

As she fastened her seat belt,

The angel said, I am here for you.

Sit back and relax.

She was scared of heights

But, the angel gave her hope.


She hasn’t looked back since

She goes up and down the roller coaster

Every second of everyday

But, knowing that there is hope

She wears a smile on her face

And, takes the next step.

4 Replies to “Hope”

  1. It’s hard to pick out one stanza from this poem to congratulate you on…mainly because the entire thing is great.
    Very nicely and sweetly written.
    Great work.

  2. Nice work 😊 Appreciable👍 Keep it up 👍

  3. This is beautiful Amrit! Please continue writing and sharing with us.

  4. Wow, Nice lines

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