To new beginnings

The simple to my rough

The strength to my tough

You are the star in my sky

The one who understands my why


Here’s wishing you all the luck

Just don’t get star struck

A new journey awaits you

Make sure you get through


Never mind what people say

Follow your heart and you’ll slay

You may fall once or twice

But it’s just a small price


You are going for bigger things

Make sure to pull all strings

You are stronger than you know

Remember you run the show


You will do wonders

Don’t let anybody steal your thunder

You are a warrior

Not just a mere survivor


You go girl

Conquer the world

Show everyone your twirl

For you are an ambitious girl


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  1. 👍

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  2. Great

  3. Beautiful Amrit…I just want to say ” U will do Wonders”!!

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